'food from the seed'

"it was early evening on the farm. The smell of smoke from the fireplace was playing in the air. the windows were open allowing a gentle breeze to blow through our little white house. my youngest sister came in, arms bulging with fresh crisp vegetables straight from the garden. I busied myself in the kitchen washing, chopping and cooking - inspired by our seasonal harvest. perhaps the meal wasn't worthy of a michelin star, but even then, at my young age, i understood the value in fresh, healthy, whole-foods made in the family kitchen.

And so the love affair began." 



After learning the art of growing and harvesting on my family farm in NEW Zealand, i spent the next six years travelling the world on a wondrous culinary expedition. Working my way through different kitchens in different countries, i took insite from the local cultures and flavours. Like all good stories, i was swept off my feet and decided to try planting my roots in melbourne - home to some of the best food, coffee and artistic culture the world has to offer. Following my nose, I wound my way down tight lane ways past businesses big & small to find myself cooking in a tiny cafe offering healthy, delicious food for the busy corporate world and tourists alike. Before long the business was bulging, and necessity called for a second, bigger cafe. it was at this point that life blessed me with an inspiring opportunity - i was welcomed to become co-owner of the business. and just like that, 'seedling cafe' became an incredible part of my life: challenging, inspiring and endlessly rewarding. so here my story both ends, and begins - chef to the australian public by day, cook and food blogger by night. Join me on this journey. Together let's learn, grow and be inspired to cultivate a healthier relationship with food. 

xx Georgia



My journey began on a small farm on the outskirts of Wellington, New Zealand. I was lucky enough to have one of the most carefree, wholesome and fulfilling childhoods anyone could ask for. We grew much of our own produce on the farm, and from a young age my sisters and I were expected to help out around the property. We grew up eating delicious home cooked meals which inspired me and  developed my passion for cooking.  I knew that one day I wanted to become a chef, and spent countless hours teaching myself to cook. At the age of 17 I visited Paris, spending time working in a small bistro learning the art of traditional french cooking. After returning home I decided to leave school and follow my passion for food.  I booked a one way ticket to the UK, and found myself in Cornwall living in a small coastal town. I worked my way up in the kitchen world, from commis chef all the way to a head chef position in the kitchen of a gorgeous wine bar. While living in the UK I became somewhat consumed by the volatile world of fitness, pushing myself hard to become lean and fit. All the while, I struggled with my body image and my relationship with food suffered. I counted calories and severely restricted what I ate. It became all consuming and I felt guilt, shame and low self esteem. It took many years to build a healthier mindset and relationship with my body.

After a year in Cornwall my curiosity about the world gripped me and I took flight once again. Dotting my way through European countries I experienced wonderful sights and continued my culinary journey through fascinating cultures. Along the way I heard about the 'dream job' in the south of France, and moved to Antibes to begin working as a chef on multi-million dollar super yachts. It was an eye-opening experience to see how the rich and famous live. I began to suspect that these wealthy individuals were living unfulfilled lives, which really had me thinking about the role that money plays in our lives - I decided then to ensure that I would always value love and passion over money.  

I continued travelling the world visiting Morocco, Bali and Thailand before I found myself in India - training as a yoga teacher. I learned the importance of taking time to practice mindfulness and meditation alongside physical activity. I felt the connection between my mind and body strengthen.

After returning to New Zealand with a deeper knowledge of holistic health and wellbeing, I decided to train as a health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I learned that a 'one size fits all' diet can't possibly work for everybody. We all have specific needs and tolerances, passions and dislikes, weaknesses and pleasures. I also began to piece together important lessons of how to eat well and balance my busy lifestyle - helping to look and feel my best. 

After a few more adventures exploring South East Asia I decided to return to Melbourne where I met my partner, Tom. Together we have set up a life in our small home in Kensington. We love hiking in wild places, adventuring abroad and exploring secret, wondrous cafes around the Melbourne.
I found a job that I love as the head chef of Seedling Cafe, a small health food cafe in the CBD. As the business expanded a second cafe was created and we became co-owners of the business in 2016. I now go to work everyday to cook food that I believe in - a work of heart. Here I have the opportunity to share my passion, knowledge and love of good food with our customers. I am excited to continue learning and growing and I will share my experiences and lessons here, with you along the way. 
Our journey has only just begun.




As a chef I love to create food from fresh, vibrant ingredients. For years now I've cooked without following recipes, making up everything as I go along - inspired by people, ingredients, travel and flavours. 

As a cafe owner working long hours I lost my passion for cooking at home. This  blog is my way to find joy in creating meals in my kitchen, going to the market and cooking for my partner.

I want to learn more about local, seasonal and hunter/gathered food.  

This blog came about as a result of my love for healthy food. Food that is easy enough that you can cook it everyday, and indulgent enough that you don't feel as though you're missing out. At "Food From The Seed" you will find a wide range of recipes from healthy clean eats, paleo inspired dishes, vegan/vegetarian cooking and refined sugar free treats - plus the odd naughty recipe thrown in. 


My Food Philosophy

I believe in eating real food. Food in its natural, whole state with minimal processing. I believe in eating in a way that makes you feel your best from the inside out. 
Food is about balance. I find it difficult to watch as people eat unhealthy food and feel instant shame or guilt - food should be loved, and I don't mind the occasional indulgence. I believe in cultivating a healthy relationship with food that allows you to find joy, happiness and love in cooking and eating every single day. 


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

― Hippocrates


I am passionate about the ethical sourcing of the food I eat. To me, paying a little extra for chemical free produce, or free-range meats from healthy farms is absolutely necessary. Locally sourced fresh food always tastes better than buying on the global conveyer belt.



We are 100% gluten free, refined sugar free and offer a range of options to suit any diet.