Change your life in just 3 minutes a day.

Seriously, I'm not joking! This one little 3 minute exercise could possibly change the entire way you view the world. And here is what you have to do. 

Everyday upon waking go to your bathroom, turn your shower on cold and get in it for just 3 minutes.....that's it! It sounds so simple but it could be the most life changing thing you'll ever do.

Because it's F**king hard.

(Especially now, as we creep into winter.)

I started this little exercise over a year ago now. I went all in as I always do - straight in the deep end.

30 days | 3 minutes per day | 7 days per week.

The theory being that if you want to do or achieve anything in your life then you are going to face challenges along the way, and learning to deal with uncomfortable/challenging situations is the key to success. So the idea is - every morning you give your brain a little training. When you go to get into a cold shower on a freezing winters morning your brain is going to be telling you not to do it - you know the voice. The one that tells you not to go to the gym, the same one that tells you that one more cookie won't hurt, the one that would rather see you never be challenged or uncomfortable - the voice that is always trying to keep you 'safe' even when you don't need it!! The voice of reason. 

The cold shower challenge is a way of overcoming that voice in your head. Every time that you step into the shower and overcome that voice and face the challenge head on, you come out a little bit stronger. You start to train your brain and develop new neuro pathways that allow you to learn that although it can be challenging you're not going to die and I promise you - it is the BEST way to start the day. It beats coffee and coming from me that's saying something! 

And if you need any more convincing...
Aside from all the mental brain training, getting in a cold shower everyday has some serious health benefits. 

  • Burn Fat. Cold showers stimulate the production of brown fat which increases metabolism. Your body has two types of fat, white fat (the bad fat, think extra weight on your stomach and thighs) and brown fat (the good fat that you probably haven't heard much about, whose job is to generate heat.) When you regularly expose your body to cold you're body has to generate more heat, increasing brown fat and your metabolism. 
  • Increase Immunity. Cold showers stimulate your body to increase your metabolism, and at the same time your body produces an immune response, creating more white blood cells. So although it seems counterintuitive (didn't your mum always tell you to stay warm to avoid getting sick?), having a cold shower everyday actually increases your immunity to illness. 
  • Improve your skin and hair. The cold water helps smooth down hair cuticles and lock in moisture. It also stimulates blood circulation leading to brighter, fresher looking skin. 
  • Fight Depression. Studies have shown that regular exposure to cold stimulates nerves and resets your brain and mood. Some studies have even shown that cold showers can be more effective than anti-depressants at preventing depression. 
  • Strengthen your willpower. The act of getting into a cold shower everyday will increase your willpower. This will help out in so many other areas of your life. 

I can tell you all the benefits but really you just have to experience it. Honestly get on board.

I challenge you to do it for 30 days. Set yourself the goal, focus on your 'why', and overcome the fear!

Let me know how you go. I'd love to hear from you!